Program Schedule

105.3 The Bone is Lincoln’s Real Rock;  the best Classic Rock from the late 60’s to the early 2000’s. 105.3 The Bone is a heavier presentation than the traditional Classic Rock stations, as it is built for Classic Rock fans from Boomers to Gen-Z.


Lincoln’s Real Rock | Midnight – 10AM
A steady dose of Real Rock from Led Zeppelin to Ozzy to Soundgarden to Bad Company…every day…all day.

Woody & Wilcox | 6 – 10AM
The Woody and Wilcox show is all about breaking out of the normal expectations of the typical mornings show. How do we do it? Two things: a lack of personal privacy, and the lack of sleep. It is a winning combination that leads to comedy. Not comedy in the sense of just laughing. This is comedy that makes you laugh, think, and thank God that you’re not like Woody. Yes. That type of comedy.

Jill | 10AM – 2PM
Jill would have Dave Grohl’s babies, plus she’ll get you through the Lunch Blocks too. Weekdays 10a-2p on 1053 The Bone.

Steve King | 2PM – 7PM
Steve isn’t the kind to brag, but since radio stations like to have a DJ biography…and well, they want one here, too.

Steve is a pretty big deal (in his head). Here are some quotes about Steve from some pretty famous people
– Gene Simmons from Kiss “I know you always wanted to meet me, didn’t you?”
– Media mogul, Ted Turner “Don’t call me again. Get the f**k off my phone!”
– Billy Idol “I can be an a-hole, but I think you have me beat”
– Dee Snider of Twisted Sister “Want to see my grandkids?”
– Corey Feldman “Stop calling me Corey Haim!”
– Ludacris “You don’t know what you are doing, do you?”

Steve will take you home every work day. Listen up for the Dumbass of the Day at 4pm (if you want to submit one, DM us on Facebook). Then he will give you the “5 o’clock Free For All”, to get you home loud and proud.

Lincoln’s Real Rock | 7PM – Midnight


Lincoln’s Real Rock | All Weekend Long