Dumbass Of The Day: Those Rumors About The Hotel Masseur…Ya…About That

Dumbass Of The Day: Those Rumors About The Hotel Masseur…Ya…About That

First off, I have had many a massage and I know they talk about the happy ending. They do happen (not that I would know anything about that), let’s point out the this is not a rub and tug situation. I honestly don’t know what it is called for the opposite sex, but we do know this masseur earned his money.

Going to a resort in Turks and Caicos sounds amazing, especially during the era of the Rona and the deluge of snow we have had. It’s a nice escape.

A British family decided to make the journey and take in all that the resort had to offer, including a nice massage…which is where it all went wrong.

Michael, the husband and father had not many things nice to say. As a matter of fact, he felt the need to put them into words, which I think could tell the story better than I.

“My wife and I went to this resort. Beautiful resort. Water, sand pool and service amazing. We had such a good time that I (husband) decided to fly home to get our son Tom to enjoy it also. When I returned, things seemed awkward. My wife eventually told me that she went to a massage while I was picking up our son and the masseuse seduced her and spent the night with her. I am not blaming the resort for this, this is my wife’s fault. But just know that this is the thing that can happen at this resort.”

The review has since been removed, but luckily internet trolls got a screen shot before.

From the sound of this review this is going to cost Michael’s wife a lot more than a 1 hour rubdown, if they divorce. So much a very non-traditional 5 finger discount.