Dumbass Of The Day: Committing To The Role

Dumbass Of The Day:  Committing To The Role

Here we go, back to Utah. This place seems to be the new Florida or Oregon.

1st off we have a guy who was hungry. When one is hungry, we find food. In this case this man wanted to have a doughnut. And what better way to get a doughnut than to pretend to be a police officer, right?.

this is not the wisest move in the world since impersonating a police officer is a felony.

Well, Daniel Wright didn’t let the fear of going to jail stop him. He went into a convenience store wearing a sheriff’s jacket that he stole out of a parked police car and walked out with a doughnut without paying. The security camera showed him leaving and the police were able to track him and his girlfriend to a hotel where he was staying.

But wait, there’s more…

While the police were searching for Daniel, they were doing some research that he had a friend who was arrested last week in a high speed chase and was found hiding in a pile of cow manure.

In the end, Daniel and his girlfriend went to jail on a laundry list of charges from racketeering and vehicle theft, however, impersonating an officer of the law,

However cliche’ it is, he did get his glazed Krispy Kreme.

Source: KUTV