The Pizza Hut Weighted Blanket

The Pizza Hut Weighted Blanket

There is nothing better than feeling hugged while you are in bed and a pizza.

Combine the 2 and you have the office Pizza Hut Weighted Blanket…and it looks like a slice of pizza.

In case you are wondering, the people who use for a weighted blanket are greater than you may think. they help you sleep better, makes you move around less and even during the day, will help with anxiety. We use one at home and everyone fights over it.

Sure, it will set you back, but the price of a regular weighted blanket is worth it. The average price of a 15lbs blanket is around $70, but the Pizza Hut blanket is around $150. The benefits of a blanket like this are invaluable and the novelty of the pizza slice will make for a lot of good conversation.

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