Opening Of North 176th Between Bluff & McKelvie Road

Opening Of North 176th Between Bluff & McKelvie Road

Lancaster engineering will be opening North 176th Street between Bluff Road and McKelvie Road after the completion of a box culvert project in this section of roadway. The Roadway will be opening the afternoon of October 26, 2020.

This was an improvement project to remove the old county box culvert that was undermined during the 2015 flood and replace it with a new structure. The new structure is an 8’ x 5’ x 86’ double broken-back concrete box culvert that replaced a 4’ x 5’ x 31’ concrete box culvert that was built in 1933 for $554.56 that replaced a 19.4’ x 16’ wood bridge that was built sometime before 1918. This structure was designed by LCED with assistance from Schemmer on the energy dissipation portion. This structure was constructed by Van Kirk Bros. Contracting; it meets modern design, safety, and environmental standards which includes hydraulic design improvements, energy dissipation, and 838 tons of rip rap.

This structure was built with hazard mitigation grant funds from the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. Lancaster County Engineering is thankful for their partnership on this project.

Engineer Dingman also wishes to thank the engineers, inspectors and operations staff who worked hard to complete this project.

Engineer Dingman, stated “Lancaster County currently has 24 miles of gravel road in need of pavement based on current traffic and projected traffic conditions. Earlier this summer Lancaster County Commissioners cut all requested funding for new pavement. Lancaster County currently has 16 closed bridges and 75 bridges that need to be replaced. The current budget year has only one bridge funded for replacement. As County Engineer, I will continue to fight for additional funds for new pavement and bridges which I believe is of great importance to those who live and work in our rural communities.”

The Lancaster County Engineer’s website has a complete listing of roads currently closed in Lancaster County.

For more information, please visit the website at or call 402-441-7681.