Now What? A Turkey Shortage?

Now What? A Turkey Shortage?

2020 has not exactly been the most forgiving year and recent history.  We’ve had fires, COVID-19, shortages toilet paper, cleaning products, shortage of bacon, shortage of beef, the list goes on.

Now with Thanksgiving around the corner, we have yet ANOTHER crisis…turkeys.

Yes, Turkey’s. Since covered 19 as forced everyone to be socially distanced, is become apparent that people will be having smaller holiday get togethers, as in immediate family only. Because of that, hormel and Butterball have come out to say there will be a shortage of turkeys this year, because fewer people are going to be buying the larger birds.

The companies that will be selling turkeys the share made their orders last year… before the pandemic arrived on our shores. Now companies like hormel are stuck with selling bigger birds that people can’t afford or don’t want.

Many families will be choosing large chickens Kala smaller turkeys camo or just a pre packaged Turkey breast.

I don’t know about you, but the price of large turkeys might go down and it may be worth getting one to cook it and freeze it for later.

Source: Delish