Dumbass Of The Day: Jeffrey Toobin

Dumbass Of The Day: Jeffrey Toobin

Sure, this is low hanging fruit. This story has been all over the Internet and the news media. It’s the story of how the new yorkers contributing writer, Jeffrey Toobin, got himself in a bit of a compromising position..

A little background, Mr. Toobin he is an author, CNN contributor and writer for the New Yorker magazine… or should I say on leave writer for the new Yorker.

Now many of us have been on zoom calls. There is a way to have your camera on your camera off, your microphone on and your microphone off. And usually you can see that on the screen with either a black square with your name and/or with the microphone with the red/though it.

Many of us have checked both microphone and camera if we need to slide out of the meering for a couple of minutes. That could be to get a drink, go to the bathroom, even do other work and pretend you’re there… not that I would know anything about this

Jeffrey Toobin, on the other hand, forgot to turn off his camera even though his microphone was turned off. Obviously, Jeffrey did not look at his screen to see that his coworkers could still see him. The reason, Jeffrey decided to do some other business. As in take care of himself. As in cupping is carrot.

Too much the shock of his coworkers Jeffrey’s,  got an eyeful that they never wanted to see. And Jeffrey doing things he shouldn’t be doing on camera. As a man who’s in his mid years, there are some things that we have learned we don’t show off… Even by accident…only on purpose.

Comments made in the meeting is what tipped off Jeffrey was caught with his pants down. As you can suspect, Jeffrey has been suspended from the new Yorker and CNN.. Or as they say, taking a leave of absence.

Jeffrey toobin later came out and made his apologies. Those apologies went to his wife and his children, but not his co-workers, which could have been his point..actions do speak louder than words.