Do You Think Your House Is Haunted? You’re Not Alone

Do You Think Your House Is Haunted? You’re Not Alone

When you buy a house, you have a lot of interesting disclosures, especially when you are buying a pre-owned home. Some of the things you have to sign off on are things like mold, pest and radon disclosures. But would you sign one that says the house is haunted?

Probably not.

But just in time for Halloween,  13% of people in the USA believe their house is haunted.

While that sounds odd to many, according to, if you see the following:

  • Sounds – 44%

  • Shadows — 38%

  • Hot and cold spots — 37%

  • The feel of certain rooms — 34%

  • Odd pet behavior — 30%

  • Items moving and the feel of being touched — 29% (tie)

  • Levitating objects — 17%

…you may have a haunted house.

The good part, the Midwest has a low occurrence of haunted houses. However, if you live in the Western part of the USA, you have a greater chance of haunted houses.(California tops the list…yet another reason to say away from California)

Supposedly, the top reasons that make houses haunted in each part of the USA:

  • Northeast — Feel of the room (41%), shadows (34%), strange noises (33%)

  • Midwest — Strange noises (57%), shadows (37%), items moving and hot and cold spots (36%) (tie)

  • South — Strange noises (58%), shadows (48%), the feel of a certain room (44%)

  • West — Hot and cold spots (38%), strange noises and shadows (33%) (tie), the feeling of being touched (28%)

Check out the Infographic below and you can determine if your house is haunted.