Elderly Woman Falls For Grandparent Scam

Elderly Woman Falls For Grandparent Scam

Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a scam where an 88 year old woman lost $25,000.

Sheriff Terry Wagner says the woman was first contacted on August 26th by an individual stating her granddaughter was in jail in Florida.  The woman thought she was talking to the girl’s attorney and sent $25,000.  The scammers had remained in contact with the woman until the Sheriff’s Office was notified on Tuesday, September 15th.

Wagner says the woman’s bank noticed the transaction and put a hold on the woman’s account just in time.  She was getting ready to send the scammers another $150,000.

The scam originated out of Canada and investigators continue to track down the source.

Officials say this case should serve as a reminder to talk to elderly relatives about the possibility of scams and to never send money or give personal information to others.