Stay At The Fresh Prince Mansion

Stay At The Fresh Prince Mansion

How many episodes have you watched with the Fresh Prince, Will, Uncle Phil, and the rest of the family? As you may recall,, the show centers around a young man who is sent to live with his “Aunty and Uncle in Bel Aire” and continued running into a bit of trouble eaxh week. Here take a listen:

If you want to relive the nineties with Will Smith and friends, you can. The shows mansion is listed on air BNB for a super low price of $30 a night.  As you might expect, there is a catch. The house is available only for a few days. It is available to rent starting on September 29th, but you have to stay on Oct. 2, 5, 8, 11 and 14.

If you plan on renting this place, one word of warning, while the outside is the exact location of the TV show, but the house inside is not what was shown on TV. The show was designed in a Hollywood studio, and was not a replica of what was inside the home.

Check out the link below for pictures of what you would be renting. Regard lus of what you see inside, you can at least tell your friends you pulled up to the same house as the Fresh Prince.

Source: XXL