Dumbass Of The Day: Anyone For An Egg Roll?

Dumbass Of The Day: Anyone For An Egg Roll?

911 is for emergencies only, as we all know. Occasionly you hear someone calling 911 because of badd service at a restaurant because their dog ran away or their coffee was too hot.

What you don’t hear a very often is someone making too many calls for another stupid reason

How about 1170 phone calls to 911 trying to sell egg rolls? While you would think this would happen in Florida, nope, it happened in Tennessee

A man by the name of Huu had a Vietnamese restaurants and decided it would be a good idea to try to sell one of his menu items to our men and women in blue. What he didn’t think about was what 911 would get him if it was a false report.

The man was arrested in front of his restaurants eventually. He was booked for abusing 911. And yet didn’t sell one single egg roll. Probably because it didn’t have any chicken and didn’t come with fried rice.