Dumbass Of The Day: You Don’t Eat The Test

Dumbass Of The Day: You Don’t Eat The Test

There are so many places to get a Coronavirus test these days: The doctor’s office, drive up service, even in the parking lot of your favorite retail store.

Most people know how to take the test. They take a swab they shove it up your nose, about 6″, put into a plastic tube, then send it off to the lab and your results will be coming back soon.

Except for this guy.

In England one guy was getting a Coronavirus test and accidentally swallowed the test.  We don’t know if it was a home test, or one that he went to with a medical professional of some kind. What we do know is the swab went into his nose touched the back of his throat and somehow the swab went through his nose and down his throat into his stomach. He ended up at the emergency Room where doctors had it removed.

Just when you think this guy is the dumb ass of the day, you can add about 10 to 15 more to that list. So, the guy in England isn’t the only one who has done this.