City Council Approves Expanded Outdoor Liquor Licenses

City Council Approves Expanded Outdoor Liquor Licenses

The Lincoln City Council unanimously approves the city’s first round of expanded liquor licenses allowing eateries to move onto green spaces, parking lots and sidewalks.

Hub Cafe Owner Doug Dittman told council members despite the phase three directed health measure, people still don’t come in.

“I think everybody has a different comfort level.  Some don’t want to come in at all.  They simply want to call in their reservation. It makes a big difference to us. It also puts us outside and puts us closer to the trail community and we are trying to be open in the evenings and take care of families,” Dittman said.

The final decision will come from the Nebraska Liquor Commission.

Several other Haymarket businesses were also approved.

“People have not come back.  How many folks here have gone out to eat and have gone into a restaurant? Very few.” Dittman questioned council members. “I think it will help people be more comfortable and make them safe.”