Dumbass Of The Day: The Bingo Brawl

Dumbass Of The Day: The Bingo Brawl

I don’t know if you know a Bingo player (or maybe you are on). If you are not aware Bingo players take their game VERY seriously. I worked with someone who would try to get out of work early so she could be at the casino earlier enough to set up her beanie babies and have her stamper(s) ready.

Oh ya…and HER seat.

You can probably figured out where this is going.

In Ontario, Canada 2 women (aged 76 and 81) decided to duke it out over a Bingo game. The crux of the problem was that one woman sat in another’s normal place. It is hard to believe, but it took the police to show up in order to break up the fight.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and amazingly, no one was arrested, despite the cops being called.

Personally, I am surprised that this hadn’t happened early