Baseball Is Back!

Baseball Is Back!

For those of us who are feeling the loss of sport of any kind can finally breathe a sigh of relief, kinda.  We have seen UFC return and NASCAR is making it’s return…all to empty seats, but they are back. Now we have the potential of baseball’s return.

According to ESPN, baseball will most likely be back in July. The plan is to have 82 games that would start on July 4th. Unfortunately, seeing a game in person is a no-go, for now.

One change to the sport is that the designated hitter rule would apply to both leagues and the post season would grow from 10 to 14 teams.

The only problem that the owners foresee is that the players would have to split the revenues 50/50 with the league, as opposed to the regular salaries, as this still has to be proposed and approved by the player’s union.

As a side note, Baseball has struggled over the years and the players get a lot of blow-back from the fans when they strike because of money. Let’s hope the players do the right thing this time. Most of us have had to struggle and it would be a good deed for them to put aside their differences with the league and give the fans what they look forward to and a sense of normalcy. And this year, that is more relevant than ever.